On the eve of change…

As I type this I am less than 24 hours away from my half century. I felt that now was as good a time as any to start a blog – nothing heavy or profound, just random musings on life etc. Don’t really care if  the only person who reads this is me either. There won’t be a theme as such – I just plan to go where the tide takes me – much as I have done with most of my life really. And that tide has led me to a really interesting place. I have a funny, beautiful wife, two cute if somewhat high maintenance children, a job I love (about which I am sure more will follow) and a passion for theatre and film that at times might be bordering on an obsession!

Perhaps as I get into this, themes may start to emerge (I fear there may be the odd ‘grumpy old man’ rant from time to time!), or I may lose interest and never post again… I guess we’ll see. So – welcome, if you have taken the time to pop on and read and let’s see where we go from here…


About albionstuff1

Film-maker and artist. On a never ending journey of discovery. Knackered!
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