State of play

So, I pass my half century and the world keeps turning! The day itself was, as days go, pretty good. Kids gave me an extra half hour lie in (6:30!) – I opened cards, went to work where I was treated with a lovely cake, balloons etc and in the evening went for a scrumptious dinner with my beautiful wife.

Life is pretty good. Right now, I am directing a hugely popular kids animated TV series, directing my own independent feature film, directing an all female Taming of the Shrew, writing a play for my Youth Theatre group… busy, busy, busy.

See? Nothing earth shattering or even that interesting yet… but a snapshot of a life. Right, back to work…


About albionstuff1

Film-maker and artist. On a never ending journey of discovery. Knackered!
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2 Responses to State of play

  1. A belated happy Birthday, Gary! Funny, isn’t it, that what should be significant just seems to be another Birthday? Here’s to another 50 for you! Hugs xxxx

  2. Bronzewing says:

    Wow, send some of that energy my way please! 🙂

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