The Great Wheel Turns…

So it’s about a month since we released our film “The Spirit of Albion” and the response so far has been amazing!   We have has so many lovely comments on Facebook and emails from people all over the world who have responded to the film in ways we could only have dreamed about! The DVDs are chugging out the door and we are  at present about 40% towards breaking even. Not too bad in just under a month.

One question that keeps being asked is “What’s next?” or “When’s the sequel?”

Well… there are 2 answers there. Next, we are planning to shoot a short (25min approx) film written by our producer on “Spirit…”, Julianne which is called “Lady in the Woods”. It is a supernatural thriller with a comic touch. Storywise, it is unrelated to the movie but we are using many of the same cast and crew and will be filming once again in the wonderful Morgan’s Woods. Originally we planned to shoot back in April but the run up to the premiere proved too intense so we pushed the filming back to the next date when we were relatively free!



The second answer is that I am currently writing a series of 8 scripts under the heading “The Tales of Albion”. They will each be around 15/20 minutes in length and be a story based on the the legends and folklore of the Old Ones. Several of the characters who appeared in the movie will return, played by the same actors (but in such a way that you don’t have to have seen the film to understand what is happening). Hopefully I will be able to secure some funding this time around so we can put some real production value up on the screen. We eventually plan to release them as downloads, coming out as an online series on the Pagan festivals. I hope we will start shooting early in the new year but filming will continue right through the year as I need lots of seasons, so don’t hold your breath!

I thought it might be of some interest for me to blog the process as we write, plan, attempt to get funding etc in greater detail than you would get on Facebook or on the website. Talking of which, here is a link to the site for the Tales:

It’s a bit bare at the moment and will remain so until things really get underway. This is the place for all up to date info. So, please click the link to follow the blog so you don’t miss any posts and I hope that you will find something of interest along the way.



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3 Responses to The Great Wheel Turns…

  1. Well, how can I put it? Can the download be burnt on a DVD? Is this technically possible? Otherwise it would be great if those productions would be available on DVD too….thanks so much for continuing your work…

    • albionstuff1 says:

      I think it would be possible and once downloaded they would be yours to do with as you wished. Maybe, if I can raise enough finance, I will be able to include a special edition DVD once all 8 have released with commentaries, making of etc but that would be dependent on cash as always! Currently, the plans are for download only but plans can change… First I have to finish writing them!!

  2. Cool. I’ll download them right away, once they’re finished. I hope Awen inspires you in writing…

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