Highs and Lows

Felt it was time for a little update on all things Albion!

So we have a filming date for ‘Lady in the Woods’ – the weekend of 8th and 9th Sept. Currently we are finalising all the cast and crew and sorting all the arrangements. I was away on business last week in France (not anywhere near as glamourous as it sounds) and used some of my down time prepare my shooting script. This basically means I have broken the script down and know exactly how many camera set-ups I will need, so it should make shooting a lot smoother on the day(s). I’m getting quietly excited about it now – it will be great being on set with old mates again.

We have confirmed that we will be having a ‘big screen’ showing of ‘The Spirit of Albion’ at Witchfest this year. Need to pin down the final details but once I do I will let everyone know via Facebook and Twitter and I’m sure plenty of the cast will be there so hopefully we will see a few friends and say “hi”!

As for the “Tales of Albion” – they are coming along just dandy! 3 of the 8 scripts are completed with another 2 pretty close. I have even begun a little casting – I will reveal more details as we go along, once stuff is set in stone. The remaining 3 scripts are only in outline form at present as I have still to do my research on them. Also, I need an evening with Damh to pick his brains but he keeps on globetrotting…

I did have one setback recently. While I was away, I was working on one of the scripts and  the Awen was really flowing. I all but finished it and yesterday opened it up to give it a polish and finish it off, when I accidentally deleted around 4 pages of the best bits! There was no way to get it back so I drowned my sorrows with a rather fine Port and went to bed. Today, I had another crack at it and re-wrote the scenes I had lost. It was interesting as it came out quite different. The story stayed the same but the interaction between the characters had shifted. It was a fascinating example of how a story has a life of its own and that the Awen can flow so differently one day to the next. A lesson was also learned – STOP AND THINK BEFORE HITTING DELETE!

Right, that is all, dear reader. It’s time for bed – re-charge the creative juices.



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Film-maker and artist. On a never ending journey of discovery. Knackered!
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One Response to Highs and Lows

  1. steve kent says:

    great news, i hope Morrigan features in the new stuff (i want her cloak of feathers!)

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