Lady in the Woods

So we did it! Saturday 8th September found around 20 cast and crew deep in the Sussex woodland (in fact the very woods where exactly a year earlier we wrapped principal photography on The Spirit of Albion) lined up and ready to shoot our short supernatural thriller ‘Lady in the Woods’. Why?

Good question – well, when we finished ‘Spirit…’, our producer Julianne thought it would be a good idea to have another project to keep the team together until the next major production came along, so she wrote a script and asked me if I would like to direct it. naturally I said yes, as we had such a wonderful time making the movie. The story itself is a simple one – a film crew enter a forest where there is a legend of a mysterious Green Lady to find out the truth behind the story, accompanied by a paranormal investigation team. Stuff happens.

We originally planned to shoot in February but the post production on ‘Spirit…’ meant that we didn’t have the time (or energy!) to do it then, so we put the filming back to September.  A handful of the original cast were unable to make the new dates but  their roles were filled by several new faces of whom, I have no doubt, you will have not seen the last.


So – 10:30am on Saturday and cameras started to roll. As is almost typical, we began by filming the final shots (various scheduling and practical reasons) and then, about an hour later we started at the beginning. Because the film takes place over one day and night we decided to shoot the main body of the film in sequence, so that the daylight/dusk/night would follow through. I had planned to keep shooting the daytime scenes until we ran out of light, then shoot the night-time. If we had any day scenes left over we had reserved Sunday afternoon for those as pick-ups. As it happened, we had no need at all. All the daytime scenes were finished in record time – in fact, we had to sit and wait for around4 hours for it to get dark enough to carry on! Luckily we had our trusty boom-box with us and proceeded to have an impromptu party. Again, the night shoot went so smoothly that my anticipated 1am finish actually happened at 10:45pm!

All in all, it was an amazing day and a lot of fun. Now the edit starts and we hope to release as a download in time for Yule.

To see a photo album from the shoot, please go to our Egotrip Facebook Page at:

To check out the wonderful Eleanore and the Lost, whose music we are using (Eleanore herself cameos in the film), go to:

To find out more about the wonderful woodland where we filmed, go to:

Now, I really must get on with writing those “Tales of Albion”…


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