Looking back and moving forwards…

A year ago we had just released the trailer for the movie “The Spirit of Albion” and had a huge pile of un-edited rushes staring at us from the computer. Twelve months on and the film has sold over a thousand copies worldwide and we have had the kind of feedback we could only have dreamed of. The response has been overwhelming but rather than rest on our laurels we move on.

We have just locked picture on “Lady in the Woods” – our supernatural/comedy/short we shot back in September. Next job is to do the sound mix and colour grade and then we can release.  It’s a bit of fun that we made to tide us over while we worked on the next big project – “Tales of Albion”. This is the ‘official’ follow on to the movie and is gearing up for production daily. I have people working on costumes, armour and prosthetics right now – the films are almost all cast (and we have a few wonderful guest stars coming your way), the locations are being locked down and all the scripts (bar one) are complete. All I need now is a bit of snow and we can start shooting.

In a previous post I teased the titles of the films so thought I should tell you a bit more about them but rather than go into detail I shall tease a little bit more…

You will see a huge battle in ancient Ireland, The Holly and Oak Kings fighting for the land, travel to Afghanistan with the modern army, march through gas on Ypres and dodge bullets in Normandy. You will go deer hunting in the highlands of Scotland in the snow and chase Greek maidens in the sun; see a lady born of flowers, a blind man and a boy keep a cauldron boiling, sit at a round table, find out who really wore an asses head with the Queen of the faeries and  follow a lady riding a horse that cannot be caught. You will see illuminated manuscripts come alive, and living people become drawings.

Intrigued? I hope so!  Although the films all stand alone, if you have seen the movie there are a few old friends coming to say hello, as well as lots of new faces.

I am currently putting together a set of sponsorship packages which should hopefully go live later this month and will help me finance the series as once again I am doing this for love and out of my own pocket. Although the vast majority of those involved donate their time and talent for free there ARE substantial costs involved so fingers crossed the ‘fund raising’ will pay off.

Well, I think that’s all for now – hopefully once the cameras start rolling these musings will get a bit more interesting!  Thanks for reading and watch this space…



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Film-maker and artist. On a never ending journey of discovery. Knackered!
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3 Responses to Looking back and moving forwards…

  1. deirdrehbrt says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Bramblefae says:

    I am very excited for this!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the next offering

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