And so we begin…

Well, well, well. Today was quite a day as we officially began shooting the ‘Tales of Albion’. The schedule for the whole project is still being put together but I always knew I wanted to start with this shoot – a couple of scenes from the film “Cattle of the Cailleach”. The film is based on a legend set in 1774 in the highlands of Scotland when 2 hunters get lost in the snow… so I needed snow. Last week, we had a pretty heavy fall but for all sorts of reasons we were unable to shoot so I kept my fingers crossed that it would last until this weekend. Throughout the week there has been a steady but slow thaw, with a small top up fall of snow on Wednesday but last night it rained where I live. I decided to go ahead anyway as actually in the story it starts and ends in light snow and I thought “Well, let’s get something in the can at least…” so this morning my actors turned up and changed into their wonderful costumes (specially made for them by The Singing Seamstress, Sarah Newbould) and we drove out to our location. Now, with the kind of micro budget we are on, going to Scotland was out of the question but about a 20 minute drive from me is Ashdown Forest which, with a little digital enhancement will pass very nicely indeed for the Highlands. As we headed out, we noticed the fields around us getting whiter and whiter and it transpired that the rain last night had missed it completely – result!









We managed to get everything shot that I wanted – the weather was glorious and the light very beautiful. There is talk of more snow in the middle of next month and if thats the case we shall go out and re-shoot the middle section, which is supposed to happen in a blizzard (if we have no more snow then good old CGI will come to our rescue!).


In the meantime, it feels great to have actually made a start on what will be about a 2 year journey – filming will go on from now until Spring 2014 on and off, with the films being released at intervals throughout that year, hopefully starting at Imbolc. Our next shoot is planned for late Feb, so watch this space for more ‘behind the scenes’ diary action!


Peace and Blesséd be.


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