Playing in the Woods


Mid-day on a very cold Saturday 23rd February and a small convoy of cars head into the woods. On board are 5 actors, a handful of crew and one excited director. This is shoot number 02 on the ‘Tales’ and we are filming scenes from 3 of the stories. We are also using our new camera kit for the first time – a Canon 5D mark ii – and I am like a kid in a sweet shop. The camera is far smaller and lighter than the one we used on the movie but the image quality is far greater. Today we are only filming guide sound – there is no dialogue and all the sound will eventually be replaced and/or enhanced so we have no need for a sound crew. We are simply using the on-board sound with an added mic. This is one less thing to worry about, quite useful today with a fair amount to shoot and the freezing conditions.

We are filming at some beautiful woodland in Sussex (in the south of England) that is leased out to the ministry of defence, something we are reminded of on several occasions today when our ancient scenes are interrupted with the sound of heavy automatic gunfire from over the hill! Again, I am thankful we are not recording dialogue today…







First up we film some insert scenes for the film “Noon of the Solstice”. Father and son stunt performers Wayne and Aaron de Strete play the Holly and Oak kings, wearing some amazing armour made for us by EBG Leather (







The woods were soon echoing to the sound of clashing steel as the two warriors fought for the control of the land.







Once we complete that we shoot a second sequence for the same film, where they play 2 different characters (sounds confusing but all will become clear when the film is finished – promise!). Once that was done, they leave us as they have to get up to London for a stunt gig that night as pirates – just your average day in the life of a stuntman!



Next up sees the return of a familiar face in the ‘Albion’ family – Seán George reprising his role as the Horned God in the second of the films we are working on today, “Spirit of the Greenwood”.



In this scene he is playing an earlier incarnation of the character (the film charts the progression of ‘Old Horny’ through history) and is resplendent in a much larger pair of horns than we have seen him wear before. With him today is a newcomer to our team – Rebecca Warnett who is playing the Lady of the Land.


Their scenes pass by smoothly and Seán also has to leave to go to the same pirate gig (in his capacity as a double for a certain infamous Captain…).






Finally we shoot a short sequence for the film “Cattle of the Cailleach”. It was a couple of scenes from this film I managed to shoot in the snow a few weeks back and were the subject of the previous blog. Today, rather than the kilted Highlanders we had the Cailleach herself in all her prosthetic glory!







Her make-up (and indeed all today’s make-up) is by our very own Lucy Brennan, who played Arianrhod in “Spirit…” (and will be reprising the role again in just over a month’s time), with teeth by Steve Bosworth at  And who is playing Cailleach ? Ah, that would be telling! Suffice to say it is a familiar face under all that foam latex but for now we will keep that a secret…






We are well and truly up and running now, with the next shoot on Friday 1st March. This will be our first proper dialogue scenes of the shoot – so wish us luck!

See you soon.


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