Back at the Museum…

So last Friday afternoon saw us return to one of our favourite locations – the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

Image 004

Those of you who saw the movie will recognise this as the place where we filmed the flashback sequence during the song “Samhain Eve”. Above is the market square where Ceridwen walked through the streets with Esther. Well, if you turned 180 degrees from where this photo was taken, you would see the house from Walderton  ( This was doubling for us as an 18th Century scottish dwelling as we were shooting dialogue scenes for “Cattle of the Cailleach”.

Image 028


Above you can see the cast running over lines inside this lovely old house. We had exactly 3 hours there to get everything done, including set up time as we are on a budget and this is one of the more expensive locations we use (well, it is expensive for us!) but worth every penny as the production value is huge. An added element on this shoot was using the separate sound recorder for the first time. In the past we have recorded the sound into the camera onto the master tape but as we have gone tape-free on this project we made the choice to go the whole way and ‘do it properly’. This gives us a lot more choices in the edit. So, at 4:45pm the cameras started to roll…

Image 014

We wrapped in the first building in just over the hour and moved up to the second location, the glorious Tudor Kitchen which was doubling for the interior of Cailleach’s Bothy ( Our ‘mystery actress’ playing Cailleach was already in full make-up, most of which had been applied earlier that afternoon (in fact, she was driven there wearing it, which must have been disconcerting to passing motorists!) and we pressed straight on, finishing dead on schedule at 7pm.

Image 064

It was wonderful to be back filming at such a magnificent location, the staff are always very helpful and friendly and make the whole experience totally painless. Maybe one day we will go back with a bigger budget and be able to actually take our time, rather than rush like crazy to get it all done!

So, amazingly, that is almost all the footage for this particular film ‘in the can’. We have one short sequence to shoot in May and that will be that – well, apart from the editing, ADR, digital effects etc… The film itself won’t be the first to be released – they are coming out in a particular order based on the festivals that tie in to each story, but it is nice to know that we are well and truly underway.  The next shoot is on March 30th and coldn’t be more different… watch this space!


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One Response to Back at the Museum…

  1. Rollo R says:

    Love the stuff you do folks. I happened upon you in our woods (nr Horsham) when you were filming some big sequences last year and was so impressed with the whole operation you had working and the speed your director was able to work at!! I have been a professional video film-maker for many years (though retired now) and have got some decent digital kit for fun now doing video journals. If you wanted a 2nd camera unit I should be happy to support some time. (see Looking forward to seeing your next offering. In peace and harmony, Rollo.

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