Saturday 30th March was a busy day! starting at 9am, cast and crew began converging on Tower Bridge Studios in London for a day of Greenscreen filming for the tale “Curses and Secrets”. By 10:30 we were ready to roll cameras.







We were filming out of sequence for various reasons and so were relying heavily on storyboards for the day. All the backgrounds in the film will be paintings eventually (for reasons which will become clear upon release), hence the use of the greenscreen.








The film centres around the tale of Arianrhod, played once again as she was in the film “the Spirit of Albion” by Lucy Claire Brennan (who was also our make-up artist for the day!).








First up we filmed the scenes with young Lleu Llaw Gyffes, played by Charlie Boorer in his first ever screen role. This was so he could be released early rather than be kept hanging around. He took to the whole process like a duck to water and the day got off to a great start.




















The next scenes we filmed actually come at the end of the story and centre around the birth of Blodeuwedd, which meant principal cast getting on ageing make-up. It also meant closing the set while we filmed the scenes with Blodeuwedd herself (played by Jen Somerfield).







Lunchbreak – (pizza!) and then onwards. Altogether we had over 60 set ups to get in during the time we had allocated and I have to say everyone, both cast and crew, was on top form. So, as the day wore on the tale continued – as King Math (Duir Sol) sat with his feet in the lap of Goewin (Kate Palmer), whilst Gwydion (Greg Draven) and Gilfaethwy (Kit Summerfield) plotted…

DSC_4828 DSC_4908










Finally, at 6pm we called a wrap. Another shoot over, one step further along the path – yet we have still only scratched the surface of this HUGE project!








…and the next shoot is INSANE!


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2 Responses to Greenscreen

  1. paganbran says:

    Has anyone ever told you how absolutely brilliant you guys are for doing this? You guys rock! This looks awesome.

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