Woods, quarries and gardens…

28th April and again we found ourselves back at Pippingford, this time with a much smaller crew to film the final flashbacks for the Morrighan film, ‘The Washer at the Ford” – indeed today were the Ford scenes that give the film its title. The view from base camp was glorious, as was the weather.DSC_8413

No luxury for hair and make-up, however as once again they had to operate from the back of the cars. One day I will have a budget…DSC_8479 DSC_8423










Today saw a new addition to the cast in the shape of  Matt Henry, playing the Irish warrior Cu Chulainn – and very Celtic he looked too.DSC_8635

So we all trooped down to the very picturesque stream where we shot several encounters with the Morrighan from various points in history. The crew did a grand job ferrying the jib back and forth over the water and shielding the screen form the sun, a problem I really hadn’t expected after the wet week that had preceded the shoot!DSC_8849

Meanwhile Matt was being made up for Cu Chulainn’s grisly demise, tied to a standing stone so he would die on his feet. Shooting wrapped around 4pm, bang on schedule.DSC_9005

(Mild spoilers follow)

18th May found us in a very different location. A fair portion of the film is set in Afghanistan with a military patrol and I was lucky enough to get permission to shoot at a brick quarry just 25 minutes away from where we are based.Image 035

I managed to re-unite the original members of the patrol from “The Spirit of Albion” for this film (bar one, who was working that day), so we were able to re-create the fatal patrol but in a far more authentic environment.IMG_4437 Image 029

We were also very lucky that our Afghan rebel Mohsin turned out to be a sound engineer, so he was quickly seconded onto the crew as well – result, great production sound and no ADR needed today!!IMG_4465

Sunday 19th and a much easier time, filming mostly in and around my house and just down the road at the Archway Theatre (where this whole adventure began!). We were shooting scenes to accompany a song that ends the film, as well as re-shooting the argument between the two brothers that start the whole thing. Today was also Joanne’s last day of principal photography as Morrighan, a role she has come to embody so totally for many people.

Image 028 IMG_4491 Image 017

More filming coming up in June and things take a very different turn. Watch this space!


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