Catch up time…

Apologies for the silence – once again I appear to have neglected the blog. I will try harder in 2014!

So, since the last posting an awful lot has happened. I will be writing about it in exhaustive detail in the ‘Making of’ book to be released alongside the DVD but here is a potted history of the last few months…

On 31st August we travelled down to the New Forest where we had a wonderful day filming the Robin Hood scenes for ‘Sprit of the Greenwood’.  Our ‘merry men’ looked fantastic and the footage was impressive. An interesting upshot of this shoot is that as a result of seeing some of the photos, I have been invited to do a panel at the ‘Robin of Sherwood 30th anniversary convention’ in May this year!!!


Sherwood Forest comes to the New Forest!


There followed a week away on business in China, during which I re-boarded some of the ‘Greenwood’ film to take into account a few changes I had made.

The next shoot was on 29th September, scenes for both ‘Spirit of the Greenwood’ and ‘Noon of the Solstice’. We filmed Sean transforming into the horned God and a campfire scene. All very atmospheric and once again the weather was kind to us.


The Horned God appears…


Storytelling by firelight…


On 12th October we filmed a handful of scenes from ‘Curses and Secrets’ , ‘Birth of the Shining Brow’ and ‘Spirit of the Greenwood’ in a beautiful barn just down the road from where we live.  With subtle lighting changes and the shifting around of props we were able to create several different locations in one relatively small space. 




We then had a very busy weekend on the 26th and 27th October when we were joined again by our cameraman Avey.  On the Saturday we returned to a location we previously used during filming of “The Spirit of Albion”, the rather splendid St Margaret’s Church in Ifield. To film the framing scenes for ‘Dreaming the Dream’. The vicar there is very cool and let us film inside the church and is now talking about teaming up to shoot a modern dress nativity short!  On the Sunday it was back to Pippingford for more Horned God action, mostly solo stuff but also a rather exciting World War 2 sequence (part of a war montage near the end of the film). We also grabbed a couple of shots of Joy as Ceridwen for her film, ‘Birth of the Shining Brow’, the bulk of which we shoot this spring.







That brings us up to date with all of the ‘Tales’ shoots so far. We needed a break over the Yule/New Year to grab our breath and also to do some scheduling and casting for block 3. Still, we managed to shoot a music video with the lovely Eleanore for her song ‘The Dreaming’, composed as part of ‘Dreaming the Dream’.

So we are now building up to this year’s shoots and they promise to be very exciting… we have Neolithic scenes for ‘Spirit of the Greenwood’, pretty much the whole of ‘Birth of the Shining Brow’ and the Rhiannon sequence of “The Golden Rider” coming up, as well as several small pick ups and inserts for most of the Tales.  There are also the Storyteller links to shoot, for which we are working on securing a ‘name’ to help raise our profile as well as the mystery bonus 9th Tale… more about that in a later blog!

Oh yes, did a rather nice interview with John Becket at Patheos…

…and we have a crowd-funding campaign up and running. If you haven’t had a look, please pop over and if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally you may have seen I have been working on the posters for the film – most are now complete. I will release the final 2 once the last bit of casting has been confirmed.



So, that’s it. I promise to try and blog a bit more this year and keep you posted with news as it happens.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. this all sounds fantastic. Will there be a box set of all the Albion films (after the main one spirit of albion) to buy in one hit once they all finished? It seems there is a family series feel to it all

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