The Journey Continues…

Well, it has been an interesting year so far.  Our crowd funding campaign went really well – we achieved 75% of our target, which went towards funding our amazing shoot at the Wychurst Project in April. This incredible location served as Pwyll’s Hall in “The Golden Rider” and made us feel as if we had been transported to Rohan (or maybe Westeros)!



Talking of ‘The Golden Rider’ it was very exciting to do our first shoot with horses. The lovely Mishka and Ozzy (both gorgeous ex-showjumpers) played the mounts of Rhiannon and Pwyll and were total stars… very well behaved and complete camera tarts!



We actually started the shooting for block 3 with a couple of visits to familiar locations – the solicitor’s office and the cafe we used in “Spirit…”  It was a strange feeling, 3 years on to be back – even having Annie (Ella Sowton) sat at the very same table. It was also nice to be shooting a weekend of sustained dialogue after so much visual material.

We had another visit to a familiar location on 21st April when we were back at Tower Bridge Studios, the place where last March we shot our green screen footage. This time we were using the infinity space to stand in for Rhiannon’s castle and were delighted to be joined by Judi Bowker and Harry Meacher, playing Rhiannon’s parents. Judi played Andromeda in the 1980s “Clash of the Titan’s” – and my PA Dodie was even more excited that she used to be in “Black Beauty”!



Another rather cool day was 4th May, when we are asked along to do a little Q&A at ‘The Hooded Man” Robin of Sherwood 30th anniversary convention.  The shadow of Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter hangs over the project in a big way – the show was a huge influence on me both as a person and a film-maker and it was an honour to be asked along.  It was also fun to be able to go with Seán and Joanne – and for Seán to be wearing Michael Praed’s original Hood and Jason Connery’s shirt and trousers (kindly lent by our fried Jon-Michael, with whom we filmed the Robin Hood sequence last year). It was also a chance to get a photo of our Robin with (at least in my opinion) the definitive screen Robins…

IMG_3215That pretty much brings us up to date… we carry on filming next weekend and have around 10 more shoots to go over the next 3 months before we finish principle photography.

Thanks for reading – more soon!


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  1. great news and all very interesting. I used to be great friends with Kip Carpenter. We served on the children’s committee at the Writers Guild together and were both working for this horrible woman (on whom I based Magda in Nickolai of the North!) at BBC children’s at the same time – him on a Philip Pullman adaptation and me as a serf on my own show Big Kids, which they had commissioned! We were both very rebellious and anarchic, but he got away with it and I didn’t! I remember him telling me about going to the Hood conventions. He was a great pagan at heart and would have loved what you’re doing. Looking forward to seeing these films which sound fab.


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