Our Eclectic Journey

The shoot has continued over the past few months and as I looked back over it, it struck me just what a varied journey this has been. Since the ‘Robin of Sherwood’ convention at the start of May we have done the following:   Shot guerrilla style at a Faerie Festival, filmed Paleolithic hunters underground in caves, headed to a country house and shot a Napoleonic sequence with the 95th Rifles, filmed a quiet, intense WW1 scene in a reconstructed dug-out at a National Trust Fort; shot early Medieval scenes in and around Michelham Priory, filmed a small 2-hander set in Ceridwen’s Hall at a local studio theatre, been back to the white space at Tower Bridge Studios to film our storyteller and made a return to Pippingford Park to film the Lady of the Lake. Each shoot was totally different but equally exciting for us. IMG_3246                                     1973713_10152207610002304_5477421402048179347_o 10342842_10152416316426041_3363605094607972918_n copy 10349081_10152414596231041_1581741725790846865_n copy DSC_0092 DSC_0113 DSC_0280 DSC_0301   All this should hopefully add up to make the finished film something very special. It has certainly been that to us on location.  We have just a small handful of shoots to go and then begins the long process of post production. Thanks for following!  


About albionstuff1

Film-maker and artist. On a never ending journey of discovery. Knackered!
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2 Responses to Our Eclectic Journey

  1. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

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