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Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of blogging over the last few months. Once the filming was over and we moved into the post production phase there was less immediate stuff to talk about. There was also the little matter of the Yule holidays etc.

We did manage to shoot, edit and release our bonus short, “Jack o’ Lantern” in that time and you can find the link to it here:

This did, however, throw up one undeniable fact – our poor old computer just wasn’t up to the task of editing the whole movie – even the 10 minute short made it struggle. So we had to tighten our belts, take the plunge and save up for a shiny new system. This took longer than we anticipated due to a very expensive few months in the ‘real’ world but finally we got there and now have a top spec 5K iMac purring gently in the edit suite. This also threw up a new problem in that we have always used Final Cut Pro 7 to edit but this doesn’t run on the new OS, so we upgraded and tried out FCPX. While it had lots of interesting features (that made it ideal for say, a wedding video) there was so much about it that didn’t suit the way that Joy wanted to edit a long form drama we made the decision to switch programmes and move over to Premiere Pro. Actually, considering the amount of After Effects work there will be on this film it makes a lot more sense. We than ran a few technical tests to make sure everything was how we wanted it and finally, today, 16th March 2015 we have started the edit!

This means we are a few months behind where we would have liked to be at this point in time but as I am sure you are aware, this is a self funded project carried out in our own time as we work around the ‘day job’ and bringing up a young family. We have always said that the quality of the finished film must come first and we will never compromise that to meet a (self imposed) deadline.

I have used the last couple of months to catalogue all the shots for Joy so it speeds up her process in the edit and have web working on a lot of the matte paintings and graphics as well – all this will help and we will certainly keep you fully up to date with all developments as me move forewords. It was SO exciting today to finally see the first shots on the timeline and to see it coming together. I hope you will agree when we finish the movie that it was worth the wait.



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